Posted April 07 by Vivek Machani
Apr 07 by Vivek Machani

HubSpot New FEATUREs Update of March 2021

HubSpot New FEATUREs Update of March 2021 HubSpot New FEATUREs Update of March 2021

Hello, HubSpot users and fans, so March 2021 is an exciting month. HubSpot has come out with a huge product update and ensures high productivity and reduction in the workload. The Product by HubSpot are Custom Report Builder , Conversation Builder, Deal Create Attribution, Marketing Team Hubs (tasks for marketing team), CMS Hub now has Bulk Image Import, New Blog Onboarding experience with Contextual Rich Text Toolbar and New Starter Landing Page Templates , Sales Hub now including customer Call Review on Mobile ( iOS Only). There is a New Calling Widget , Forecast Submissions under the Sales Hub. The Service Hub has Enhanced FlowChart Editor Experience and Send Email Without Completing a Task. Additional New Products includes Conversation Based Workflows and Shareable Achievement Pages for HubSpot Academy Certification. So let's dive into the details..

What will you find in this edition?

1. Custom Report Builder

2. Conversion Intelligence

3. Deal Create Attribution

1. Custom Report Builder

1_custom report builder-png

Report building is such a tedious task, and a quiet time consuming one. HubSport has come up with a Customised Report Building update that leverages your CRM contacts , The HubSpot claims is it “ Easier for Beginner and Powerful in the hands of Analyst” , sounds exciting. The access to the data and understanding, brings in better productivity and no one is left out.

Link to the Custom Report Builder Feature :



2. Conversion Intelligence

2_conversation intelligence-png

Why Intelligence? You are asking, the feature includes automatic recording, , transcription and call analysis providing a huge room for improvement and to coach your team with call datas and insights. The most awaited and the awesome part of this product update is “ Zoom Call Integration”.

Link to the Conversation Intelligence Feature :


3. Deal Create Attribution


HubSpot promises you to convert your current subscribers to prospect customers and How is that , may you ask ‘ Deal Create Attribution’ update . The Deal Create Attribution is a new product that measures everything. From the point of sales to the marketing’s effectiveness, nurturing of leads and generating effectiveness before a sales hand-off.


4. Marketing Hub

3_tasks for marketing teams-png

HubSpot and Marketing are synonyms in our world. The product now includes a centralized channel for communication and shared space to track campaign progress. So now you can create , assign tasks, add due dates , link assets , write notes and track progress all in one place. We can access the collaboration sidebar from anywhere in the marketing hub. The reinvented calendar, inclusive of campaign information on marketing , assets, tasks and their scheduling dates are also available in Tasks.

Link to the Marketing Feature :

#More Additions under #Marketing Hub


4_bulk image import-png

CMS Hub now includes, Bulk Image Importer feature against manually downloading and uploading images from old websites. This saves time around the net and gets the website up and running very quickly. Just write in any external URL into the files sidebar and save the page’s images. The images are uploaded to the files tool in bulk. So no more #LazyLoading !

Link to the CMS Features :

File and Search for Files by File Type

3_tasks for marketing teams-png

Not remembering File Name, is no longer an issue. Now you can search and filter by a file type to find images, videos and more by adding keywords ,extensions or both.

Link to the File and Search Feature :


New Blog On-boarding Experience

6_new blog onboarding experience-png

Blogs like these are the most effective way to communicate with your potential clients. The New Blog On-boarding experience provides the same experience as setting up your first landing page or website page.

Link to the New Blog Onboarding Feature:


Contextual Rich Text Toolbar


The editing and styling options with the Rich Text toolbar are available for from CTA’s to Embedded items, images or texts.

Link to the Contextual Rich Text Toolbar Feature:


New Starter Landing Page Templates

nordwood-themes-ubIWo074QlU-unsplash (1)

A Eight new starter landing page template providing more options for an engaging and effective conversation point.

Link to the New Starter Landing Page Template feature :


5.Sales Hub

7_call review on mobile-png

Call Review on Mobile App , so your team can now record calls, play, pause, skip ahead , comment and view transcripts. iOS Only

Link to the Feature :

New Calling Widget


A simplified version of calling widget , that helps you place calls to a number with previous settings, go to pre-call screen to add notes, adjustments, drag and drop.

Link to the New Calling Widget :

Forecast Submissions

lukas-blazek-mcSDtbWXUZU-unsplash (1)

Users can now submit a forecast for an anticipated monthly and quarterly closing , directly in HubSpot. Thus making Excel obsolete

Link to the Forecasting Feature:

6.Service Hub


Enhanced Chat-flow Editor Experience

A horizontal navigation bar and expandable Build and Display tab setting and a chat widget are the major upfits here.

Link to the Chart-flow Editor:

Send Email Without Completing a Task


Instead of completing tasks associated with the email, now you can shoot an email directly.

Conversation Based Workflows

This tool can automate activities, actions and general workflows built from marketing , sales and service chats. You can set up reminders, create tickets, trigger emails, notifications based on your customer conversations.

Link to the Feature :

Additional Features

1.Internal Notes on Meeting Activities


You now have options to send internal notes to your team , invisible to outside attendees

Link to the feature:

2.Shareable Achievements Pages for HubSpot Academy Certifications


You can now show-off your HubSpot Academy Certifications and link these to your LinkedIn Profile , Resume and Email Signatures.

Link to the feature:

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