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HubSpot Slack Integration Services - A Way to Work Where You Want

Hermitcrabs, being the trusted partner of HubSpot with lots of experience in working on HubSpot, it is offering the HubSpot Slack integration services. Just check out this integration service from Hermitcrabs and we assure you won't be disappointed.

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What will you get from our HubSpot Slack integration services?

Building relationship is key to successful marketing, sales, and service. But somehow, sales and marketing teams are usually so engrossed in completing small and unimportant tasks that they forget the value of building relations with customers. The amount of menial tasks they have to do needs to be reduced so that they can have ample time to build relationships. When HubSpot and Slack are integrated they do exactly that. Slack, as we know, is a digital workplace where we can work on the go. It connects you with the people and tools like HubSpot that you use regularly. So, with Hermitcrabs HubSpot Slack integration services, you can:

  • Save a lot of time that your team spends on switching between different tools
  • Use communication on Slack to create tasks on HubSpot and relate it to any company, person, or deal in HubSpot
  • Search and share a CRM contact from HubSpot using slash commands without having to leave Slack
  • Get HubSpot notifications directly on Slack
  • Get an immaculate blend of Slack channels and HubSpot tools
  • Add or edit a note in HubSpot records and it will be shared directly with the Slack channel
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Why to Integrate
HubSpot and Slack:

There are multiple advantages that come with the integration of HubSpot and Slack. As the saying goes, "Time is money." So, the most significant advantage of integrating HubSpot with Slack is that your team saves a lot of time in shuffling the tools it uses on daily basis. With this integration, your team gets the benefit of using the combined power of HubSpot and Slack with both complementing each other.

  • With a smooth integration of Slack with HubSpot conversations, you can easily reply to incoming chats on HubSpot from Slack. That means you can be connected to your prospects even when you are on the move. Moreover, you can also opt for "reply in inbox" so that the chat would be redirected to your HubSpot inbox. And irrespective of the method you choose to reply to chats, they are still logged in real-time in your inbox.
  • You can create workflows on your HubSpot account based on deals. Once you create these workflows, you can also set them up to send notifications to the specified Slack channels. This will help your team in remaining updated about the deals and pursue them according to the stage they are in.
  • Much emphasis is today being laid on conversational marketing. This integration helps you in making your conversational marketing strategy better. HubSpot in itself is a great tool for conversational marketing but its integration with Slack makes it even easier for teams to converse with prospects and clients.
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Why should you choose Hermitcrabs HubSpot Slack integration services?


Hermitcrabs has been in the digital business for more than X years now and has worked with leading brands providing them with our technical expertise. Our HubSpot experts are all skilled to provide the best integration services.


Being a certified HubSpot agency, we are able to seamlessly integrate your HubSpot account with Slack.


We ensure that you leverage the benefits of both, HubSpot and Slack.

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