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Mar 03 by Niranjan Reddy

Essential Tips to Improve your Website Design

Essential Tips to Improve your Website Design Essential Tips to Improve your Website Design

Within a few minutes of getting into your website, your visitors should be able to spot what your business offers. Also, they should be able to navigate to the blog they look for. You can ensure the success of your website design when it has a low bounce rate.

A website will truly excel if it has a design that feeds into the user experience, functionality and appropriately complements the content therein. It can be simple for even a professional website designer to overlook these things. They do this because they think that these updates are the lowest things to feel concerned about on their huge list of website priorities. However, a successful website has both exceptional user experience and high-performing content that makes sure that your design goes above and beyond. Do you already have a website but you are not satisfied with its performance? If your answer to this question is affirmative, it might be due to design flaws in your website. So, how to improve the website design will be your question. Here are some tips to help:

Tips to Improve Website Design:

Start Using Drag-and-Drop Website Builder of HubSpot:

The quickly-changing digital trends can make your website feel outdated and old. At times, a redesign might be a good idea. But, you might not have the money or time to invest in such a big project. When you shift your website to HubSpot CMS, you can use the simple drag-and-drop editor in HubSpot to correct the design flows in your website.

Keep A Minimalist Design on Your Homepage:

Most people visit the homepage of your website in the first instance. This page should communicate the core message of your business instantly. Most visitors rarely read every word on a portal. Rather, they quickly scan through the page and pick out only the keywords from the homepage. With these popular actions in mind, it is better to make an impact on their emotions without using many words on the homepage.

The lesser visitors will have to remember, click on and read, the better they will be in a position to evaluate and process the content. By designing for bringing down attention spans and choosing a modern website design, the probability of visitors doing what you expect them to do will be more.

Keep Away from Hectic Color Schemes:

Yes, to improve the design of your website, you should focus on the color scheme as well. You know that you can find wonderful hues and shades out there. So, it is easy to get overboard when it comes to picking up colors for any website. Indeed, bold and bright color schemes are the cornerstone of the aesthetics of many designers. But, when you put too many colors very close to each other, the visual noise that a page creates can overpower the remaining pages on your website.

So, to improve your website design, stick to neutral background colors and a simple color palette for every page of your website. When the background color is toned-down, it will make instances of color like colors on menu items, call-to-action buttons and other design elements. So, these elements will stand out and will get the attention they require. In many instances, all you need is a simple black, white or neutral background.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly:

The thing to place at the top of the tips to improve website design is undoubtedly ensuring that your website is responsive and mobile-friendly. Having a website that is not friendly to a mobile user can hurt your website in many ways. For instance, it will bring down the ranking of your website in search engines and also you might lose visitors as they are not able to look at the content of your website in their desired format.

  • A mobile-friendly website looks perfect when viewed from a mobile phone or tablet with any screen size.
  • A responsive website is something that can adapt itself irrespective of the device used for viewing it like a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet PC.

Even though mobile-friendly and responsive websites are terms interchangeably used, they are different in the way mentioned above. As compared to making your website mobile-friendly, it would be good to make it responsive. In turn, your website can be viewed in the best way irrespective of the devices used by visitors.

Correct the Navigation Flaws:

When it comes to improving your website design, navigation is another key factor to look into. The navigation panel of a website helps visitors to find what they are looking for. This is not the only purpose of proper navigation. Even, easy navigation will improve the search engine ranking of your website.

Make Effective Use of White Space:

When talking about the ways to improve your website design, one of the best things you can do is to move your attention towards the white space in your web design. The problem with many website owners is that they think that they should cram information into every corner of each page of their website. But, this can turn out to be an ineffective strategy. When there is limited white space on your web pages, your visitors might feel your portal is crowded with information. They might feel overwhelmed and can move away from your site in this case.

On the other hand, when you make effective use of your white space, certain elements in your site will have room to breathe. Also, when you do this, you will not overwhelm your visitors with your information or design. When there is a lot of white space on your website, it will give a feeling of freedom and space to your visitors.

Have A Relook at the Images You Have Posted on your website:

One of the best techniques you can follow to improve your website design is to put some thought into the images that you have already posted on your site. The idea to remember here is that the photos that are part of your web design layout can have a huge impact on the overall feel and look of your website. When you have photos with fuzzy focus or poorly shot images with questionable composition, they can affect even the other flashes of brilliance in your website design. You might think about using generic stock photos in your portal. But, they can drain the life from a design, thereby leaving an uninspiring and bland impression in the minds of your visitors.

So, one of the best techniques you can follow to improve the overall feel and design of your website is to use high-quality photos. Indeed, you can use stock photos. But, make sure that you do not use them as such. You can crop or can edit them as required. You can change the contrast, can use filters, adjust the saturation and can change the warmth. In short, use photo editing tools to make the images better fit in with the harmony of your web design.

Also, irrespective of the images you choose, ensure that they match the content they show up with. If the picture does not relate to the section, you will have to search for a picture that better fits the content. Further, pay close attention to the file types you use. Know the difference between PNG and JPG. The reason is that using the right file type can make a huge difference in the loading speed of your pages.

Design Considering the Visual Hierarchy:

When it comes to web design, hierarchy is a crucial principle to consider. The reason is that it helps display your content effectively and clearly. With the right use of hierarchy, you can take the attention of the visitors of your site to the page elements in the order of priority. It means that you can make your visitors look at the element of the utmost priority In the first instance.

The key elements of the visual hierarchy are:

  • Weight and size: Highlight the top assets of your business like its name and logo. These elements should be made larger and more visually prominent than other elements. Readers naturally see the bold titles first and only then their sight will move toward paragraphs with smaller text.
  • Placement of Elements: Employ the right website design to take the eyes of your visitors on the right path. For instance, you can place your business logo at the header and the most- important call-to-action button at the center of the web page.

When you establish a clear hierarchy for the information you provide on your website, readers will take their eyesight in the same order you expected them to do. Thereafter, to further accentuate things, apply the right spacing, contrast and color. These things should be added with mindfulness of what is attracting the visitors the most and ensuring that it happens as per your intentions.


There is a lot of difference between an effective and ineffective website design. Thanks to web designers, who can rightly handle each element of your portal to help it reach the target audience with ease!

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