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Web Design Vs Web Development - Similarities and Differences

Web Design Vs Web Development - Similarities and Differences Web Design Vs Web Development - Similarities and Differences

Are you confused about how web design and web development are different from each other? If so, we have got you covered. You will get to know not only the differences but also the similarities between these two. In general, most people new to these two concepts get this doubt about the differences and similarities between the two. So, irrespective of whether you are looking to develop a new website or need some minor tweaks to a website that already exists, it is better to first understand what is web design and what is web development at the first instance.

What is Web Design?

Web design or website design is associated with both the aesthetic appeal and usability of the website. When talking about the appearance of a website, two facets play a crucial role. They are the color scheme and layout. A web designer will start designing a website by giving attention to these two facets.

The goal of a website designer is to create a website that is not only visually appealing but also digestible. The ultimate goal of a web designer is to score high points for user experience. A site with an excellent design will be easy to navigate. It will be aesthetically appealing. It will feel intrinsic to the brand and fits the customer base rightly.

Since web design is focused on the visual aspects of the user experience and interface, web designers traditionally work or produce with deliverables like color palettes, UX and UI Design, format, logo design and storyboards.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the method of building a web application or website from base. It can involve the addition of features, coding the user interface and designing the whole site. Web developers typically work with a wide range of programming languages that include JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Web development is a key skill for any person intending to create a web application or website. It is also one of the most in-demand skills right now because of the increasing demand for online products or services. For any person interested in standing in the future job market, learning web development will be a good move.

Web Design Vs. Web Development – Definition:

Web design particularly denotes the process needed for making the front end of the website understandable and appealing. In other words, it is part of the portal that visitors see. The role played by web designers is to make sure that the site looks clean-cut and clear and that the customers instinctively know how to communicate with it. At times, they are referred to as UX or user experience designers.

Web development pays attention to programming behind the scenes that make a website work. Indeed, on a website, a button is created by a web designer. But, it is the responsibility of the web developer to make the button work properly when it is clicked. Web developers might pay attention to either the front end or the back end of the portal or both. For instance, a front-end developer might use Cascading Style Sheets to spot the layout of the homepage. On the other hand, a back-end developer might enter code that brings together the shopping cart of an ecommerce site to a safe web-based processing system for payments.

Web Design Vs. Web Development – Differences:

Web design is the process of designing the feel and look of a website as mentioned earlier. Web development, on the other hand, is the process of building a website with the help of a coding language. There are many overlaps between the two and they are different in a few important ways. Here are they:

  1. Web design typically implicates more pictorial design components like logos and graphics, while web development generally pays attention to creating code and structural design that makes the website function.
  2. Web design is generally handled by experienced designers, who know how to use Photoshop and other graphic tools. Web development is generally done by software developers, who know the technique of creating code right from scratch.
  3. Web design typically takes longer as compared to web development to complete due to the requirement for more detailed visual designs. The need for a web developer gets into the picture when building code that works rightly on varied devices.
  4. Web design should be used by businesses that look for an improved or new website. On the other hand, web development should be used by businesses, who wish for a custom system or application built from scratch.
  5. Web design is not as common as web development. However, it is growing in popularity as it offers more creative freedom for the designer and better flexibility for the client.

You can understand the differences between these two from the table below:

S. No. Point of difference Web Design Web Development
1. What is not included? Web design does not include a designer writing a code Web development does not include the creation of visual assets
2. Cost Typically costs less compared to web development More costly than web design
3. Purpose The purpose is to add aesthetic appeal to the website The purpose is to add functionality to the site

Similarities Between Web Design and Web Development:

When differences exist between web design and web development, there are indeed similarities between the two. Both play a crucial role in the creation of the best experience for users. A web developer and a designer should work in cohesion with each other to create a cohesive site. The key similarity between the two is that both are crucial for organizations that need the creation and maintenance of an optimistic online existence. They work attentively together in some instances. This is why a single person can work as a web designer and as a web developer for an organization. Both web designers and developers should be problem-solving and analytical skills. They must evaluate function and design options for identifying the best fit. Further, both should stay abreast of the latest innovations, programs and trends in their fields. When executed well, web development and web design can create a unified tech-driven notion that moves a business toward its vision. In turn, the business can associate with more consumers with ease.

Roles of Web Designers and Web Developers:

When it comes to job responsibilities, the roles played by web developers and web designers differ. You can gain a better understanding here:

  1. Website developers are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the core website structure. They are generally concerned with the technological aspect of a website. They are responsible for converting the ideas of web designers and their concepts into completely working portals. They do this through complicated coding and programming.
  2. When websites are designed by web designers, they are built by web developers. Web developers also handle different tasks like debugging and testing. The job description of a web developer includes debugging and testing the websites they develop.
  3. Apart from the core functions of programming and code, web developers should handle hosting concerns, offer ongoing maintenance and support and keep an eye on the overall operation and quality of the portal.
  4. A web designer is responsible for ensuring that the website looks good. A designer will focus mainly on improving the style and general feel of the site. For this purpose, they use tools like Corel Draw and Photoshop. As a website designer, you will be more concerned about the aesthetic appearance of any website that you design.
  5. Web designers make it a priority that a portal is user-friendly for visitors from different walks of life. They are responsible for keeping the overall layout and structure of the portal good apart from the development of conversion-generating features inside the layout of the port. It is also the responsibility of the web designer to create mobile-friendly web pages that work well on different browsers and devices. For this purpose, they add media queries targeting varied devices and browsers including handsets.

Web Design Vs. Web Development from the Point of View of Marketers:

Marketers should keep a few things in mind about web design and development. One thing they should remember is to keep in touch with both website designers and developers. The more a marketer is specific about what he/she is looking for, the happier will be the results. To make sure that the results match the expectations, it would be good for a marketer to create a functionality list of must-haves.

Marketers should never overlook the importance of mobile experiences that a website offers. According to a study conducted in 2021, mobile accounted for nearly half of the global web traffic. When you hire a developer and designer, you can produce a site that is optimized for your mobile. When you do this, you can cover all your bases and can delight your customers irrespective of the devices they use for browsing your portal. In short, both web design and web development are two ingredients for a successful site. So, you can use both to get the utmost advantage from your business portal.

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