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How to Generate Leads On Your Website By Using HubSpot?

How to Generate Leads On Your Website By Using HubSpot? How to Generate Leads On Your Website By Using HubSpot?

Let us consider the sales of your business as an engine. You can fuel this engine with the help of the fuel called leads. Lead generation is taken care of by businesses in different ways. One of the effective ways to follow for generating leads is to rely on HubSpot. Yes, with HubSpot, you can make your website visitors into leads. Thereafter, with the efforts of your marketing and sales team, they can turn out to be paying customers for your business.

What Does Lead Generation Mean?

For any business, lead generation is the process of spotting and converting people, who casually browse your business website into potential customers. You can understand a lead as a person, who has shown interest in learning more about your business, its products and services. However, all leads are not equal as they turn more engaged, they become receptive to sales calls. Lead generation involves gaining a thorough knowledge of your business website visitors. But, your question will be how to know more about them. You can understand your visitors better using online forms. Otherwise, you can start a conversation with visitors via the live chat facility on your website. Otherwise, you can also grab their attention with relevant and helpful emails. The good news for you is that you can do all these things using the HubSpot Ecosystem of tools.

What Makes HubSpot Special?

The HubSpot ecosystem of tools offers different facilities like live chat software, email marketing tools and an online form builder to name a few. You can learn more about these tools offered by HubSpot here and how they will help with lead generation for your business website.

1. Use Online Forms:

When a person visits your website and does not provide any contact details, how can you turn him/her into your customer? So, there should be a place on your website for the visitors to leave their information. But, when you can motivate them to provide their contact email or phone number, you can get a straight line to continue your conversation with the person. When you use forms, they will gather the contact details along with other helpful information. In turn, you can follow up with them later. Using forms, you can also capture new sign-ups for your business newsletter. Here are the ways to create a newsletter form using HubSpot:

  1. Once you get to your HubSpot account, you can navigate to the marketing tab. From there, go to forms and click on the option that reads Create a Free Form.
  2. Now, choose the type and style of the form you wish to create. Here, you intend to create a newsletter sign-up form that should be part of your website's homepage, isn't it?
  3. Once you choose the appropriate type of form, the next thing you will have to do is to select the fields that you want the newsletter form on your website should have.
  4. Now, create a follow-up email that will be sent instantly to a new contact. This HubSpot technique is an excellent option to welcome customers to the newsletter that they have signed up for.
  5. Now, you can review other options like creating a thank you page and the places to send the form submissions. Then, you can finalize any extra styles that you wish to add before you click on the publish option.
  6. You will have the option to add this newsletter form to your website as an embedded form, a pop-up or as a separate landing page.

The special feature of HubSpot is that all data instantly flows into the free CRM Tool. So, when you start gathering contact details like emails and names with the help of an online form, it will be automatically updated in the CRM. So, you can employ it for sending out emails and turning your visitors into leads.

2. Create Email:

After you get contact information with permission to send emails and other useful details, it is time to attract the people in the contact to become your customers. Here, sending relevant, personalized and helpful emails is proven to be one of the effective techniques for lead generation. When you do this effectively, you can convert the specific contact into a lead and be ready to spend for your business product or service. Here, the first thing you will have to do is to generate an active list. This list will have information about all contacts, who filled up the online form on your website. With this list, every new submission will automatically become part of your list. Here is how you can do it on HubSpot:

  • When you sign in to your HubSpot Account, you will go to the marketing tab and then 'form' as you did for online form creation.
  • Yes, you will find the newsletter form you created here. In this place, click on Actions and create a list of contacts.
  • After you create the list of contacts give this list a name and save it.
    • Now, you have the newsletter email ready and also the list of contacts ready. So, it is time to send the email to the people on the contact list. For this follow the next step:
  • Go to marketing and then email.
  • When you are on the Email page, click create email.
  • Here, you will have to select a template. If you wish to send the newsletter to the people on the list, you can choose the newsletter template.
  • Once the template is open, edit it and add the content that you wish to share with your prospective customers.
  • Go to settings and create a subject line in such a way that the receivers will be motivated to click it and read the content of the email.
  • Once the email content is ready, you will have to send it, isn't it? HubSpot will provide you the opportunity to schedule when to send the newsletter.

In case, you use HubSpot Marketing or Sales professional, you will find HubSpot's Email Marketing Automation Platform useful. Using this platform, you can generate timed sequences of emails that you send to each contact in your contact list. This is one of the best lead generation opportunities offered by HubSpot as you can send many sales prospecting emails to your contacts with details about forthcoming webinars, features of products and case studies.

3. Use Live Chat Option:

Another method you can follow to generate leads to your website using HubSpot is to use the live chat option. HubSpot offers a free live chat tool. This is a good option because many people browsing the net these days wish to get quick answers to their queries than filling out forms. Your business can quickly win visitors by ensuring an online presence when they have some questions to be answered.

HubSpot offers the facility to customize the live chat widget that you use on your website in such a way that it matches your brand and welcomes your visitors by providing an engaging and helpful message. You know that it will not be possible to have a person round the clock to answer the visitors. So, HubSpot offers a chatbot flow to answer frequently asked questions, book meetings, qualify leads and do more. Here is how you can set up an easy-to-use and understand live chat widget using HubSpot:

  • When you are inside your HubSpot Account, go to conversations and then, go to chat flows and create it. Here, you have the option to select a kind of chat flow that you wish to use in HubSpot.
  • You can use the option to create a welcome message.
  • Even, you can decide when you wish the live chat widget to show to the visitors.
  • Once you customize the chat flow, you have the option to preview the chat flow by clicking on the toggle button that you can find on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Once you are satisfied with the changes you have done to the widget, you can save the completed chat flow. You can do this by clicking on the toggle button that is again present in the top right corner.

When you are not available for chatting, you can ask the visitors to leave their email addresses so that your representative can follow up with the visitors later. If a visitor provides his/her email address, you can add the email to your contact list. Apart from answering the questions they have, you can also send promotions and newsletters with their permission to create a lasting impression.


Apart from providing these facilities, HubSpot also offers free software for marketing and lead generation. If you own a small business and look to generate more leads, you can find this software helpful. When you choose this software, you can get free built-in marketing tools that are offered to work in association with a trustworthy free CRM. All together, you will find it easy to create campaigns that deliver consistent and remarkable experiences that your prospective customers expect.

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